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Mojo Beans by Charme et Sortilege

Mojo Beans by Charme et Sortilege

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A bag of ritually prepared Mojo Beans (Feves Mojo) from famed occult shop Charme et Sortilege. Mojo Beans (or Wishing Beans) are a customary component in spells for good luck and success. Just as an entire beanstalk can grow from a tiny bean, beans are a traditional symbol of potency and abundance. The greater the variety of beans, they say, the luckier--and this mix contains 13 different beans! Place a few on an altar or carry them with you to attract good fortune.

Label printed in English and French. Handmade in Montreal, Canada. For ritual use only--do not ingest. Contains 38g, or approximately 1.3 oz.


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