Myrrh Resin (1/2 oz) by Kairos

Myrrh Resin (1/2 oz) by Kairos

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Bitter, aromatic Myrrh comes from the hardened sap of a thorny desert tree. The resin has been prized for over 5,000 years for its healing properties and complex fragrance. When burned, Myrrh is earthy, herbaceous, and smoky. Sometimes it has spicy hints of Pine or Anise. A traditional perfume of mourning and solace, Myrrh is used for meditation, healing, and introspective magick.

One 1/2 oz bag of pure Myrrh resin. Burn in a heat-safe container with good quality charcoal.

About Kairos

Kairos means "the supreme moment," a time of opportunity, a crossroads, an instant when anything can happen. They import the finest natural incense resins from all over the world, to transform your altar space into a moment of sacred possibility.

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