Owl Velveteen Bag

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Keep your treasures secure with this elegant drawstring bag. It’s the perfect way to carry dice, runes, crystals, a mini Tarot deck, or just about any other small items. The owl motif is printed on both sides in silver-grey ink.

Material: Velveteen with woven drawstrings
Color: Black, metallic silver
Dimensions: Approx. 5 inches x 4.5 inches (flat measurement)

About the Owl
Owls are secretive, cunning, keen-sensed, and sometimes ruthless. Because they come out at night and hunt alone, the Owl has been associated with Witches since the beginning of time. As a totem animal, Owl brings wisdom, mystery and independence. Mythic connections to the Owl include Athena (Greek goddess of wisdom), and the shape-shifting Celtic goddess Blodeuwedd.

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