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Sun's Eye Freya Oil

Sun's Eye Freya Oil

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An oil dedicated to Freya, Great Lady of the Norse pantheon, Goddess of love and war. Sun's Eye Freya Oil is a sweet Strawberry-based potion with floral top notes. Includes a pinch of Calendula (Marigold) petals for vibrational potency.

Bottle size: 1/2 fl oz

Deity Oils

Each Sun's Eye Deity Oil is a potent addition to spellwork and devotional magick. These oils are inspired by the energy and favorite herbs of the world's most beloved Gods and Goddesses.

About Sun's Eye

Sun's Eye has been blending magickal oils since 1992. Their highly concentrated blends of essential oils and fragrance oils are consciously formulated for meditation, ritual, and spellwork. They are alcohol-free, petroleum-free, and 100% vegan (no animal products or animal testing). When a carrier oil is required, they use soybean.

The ½ oz glass bottle has an easy-drip dispenser insert and twist-on lid. Use a drop or two to dress candles, anoint ritual tools, wear as a perfume, or add to baths and massage oils. Because these oils are highly concentrated, Sun’s Eye recommends dilution before applying directly to the skin.

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Customer Reviews

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This is another fantastic oil from this br...

This is another fantastic oil from this brand! It is sweet, but mature. Not sickly candy sweet. The oil can last you forever because it's potent and you only need a drop or so. As a Freyja devotee I think this captures her essence and helps me focus on her. Lovely scent even for perfume alone. No irritation from me using a small amount of the oil on my skin but I recommend testing all oils on a patch of your skin! Love love love this oil.

Wow, this smells AMAZING! Better than I co...

Wow, this smells AMAZING! Better than I could have dreamed, it's magical. Freyja seems to like it as well. I've used it to consecrate my altar and the energies are powerful.

Fast shipping! Packaged beautifully! Amazi...

Fast shipping! Packaged beautifully! Amazing find for all the Sun's Eye Oils I normally cannot get! Love that the description sheets were sent with the oils! Will definitely buy from again! What a lovely shop!

5 stars review from Imogene

5 stars review from Imogene