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About our Wands: Info and FAQ

Michelle Gruben grove and grotto tools wands

I'm excited to present a new line of handcrafted wands for Grove and Grotto.  Our wands are made from solid hardwood for durability and continuity of energy.  The wands are turned on a lathe and lovingly finished by hand.  I use a simple natural finish to bring out the unique beauty of the wood. 

Lengths vary from 9.5 inches up to about 14.5 inches.  Each wand is an individual creation, and will never be exactly replicated.  My wands are made with beautiful woods, loving energy and exceptional care.

Want to know more?  Here's some frequently asked questions:


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Gemstone Facts and Folklore: Green Aventurine

Michelle Gruben

Shimmery green Aventurine is a marvelous addition to your crystal collection.  Aventurine is a form of microcrystalline Quartz.  It doesn't grow into points and clusters like some other types of Quartz, but forms chunks and slabs of opaque crystal.  Green Aventurine gets its color and shimmer from small amounts of the mineral Mica. It varies from frosty pale green to a deep, vibrant emerald. (Peach- and orange-colored Aventurine also exist, and are colored by iron oxide.)  Most Green Aventurine comes from India.

Because of its beauty, low cost, and moderate hardness, Green Aventurine is a popular stone for...

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Candle colors and their meanings

Michelle Gruben beginner candles colors spells

Candle Colors and Their Meanings

Candle magick and color magick are two simple, powerful forms of magic used by beginners and experts alike.  (We once published a list of color meanings in a product description, and it quickly became the most viewed page on the website.) 

Each color carries a different energy frequency. In spellwork, the energy of colors is used to generate a specific response in the magick worker, and to attract certain energies through the principle of sympathetic magick.  If you've ever wondered which colors mean what, here's a...

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Tarot vs. Oracle decks: What's the difference?

Michelle Gruben beginner divination tarot

Lots of people approach our Tarot display with this question:  I'm trying to choose my first deck, but I see there are Tarot and oracle decks.  What's the difference, and which one should I get?

The sheer number of options for your first deck can be mind-boggling, but understanding their similarities and difference will help you make an informed decision.  Read this short article, and you'll be an expert in no time!

The Name

Technically, an oracle (meaning "that which speaks") can refer to any item used for divination.  So Tarot decks are actually a type of oracle--as...

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How to use charcoal tablets for incense

Michelle Gruben beginner incense

Interested in burning resin incenses like Frankincense and Myrrh?  The first thing you'll need is a roll of charcoal tablets.

Most stick and cone incense is charcoal-based, meaning the fragrance ingredients are pre-mixed with charcoal to allow them to burn evenly.  Using charcoal separately allows you to burn incense that wouldn't ignite well on their own, like pure tree resins and herbs.  With charcoal, you can avoid unwanted additives and make custom blends to suit your ritual needs and preferences.

Charcoal comes in rolls or boxes of tablets, and is available for a few dollars any place that...

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