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Pendulum basics: How to use a pendulum for beginners

Michelle Gruben beginner divination pendulums

How to use a pendulum

A pendulum is a powerful tool for accessing intuition. Pendulums and dowsing have been used by humans for thousands of years, and it would be difficult to name a magical tool that is more compact and versatile. Pendulums, which work from involuntary muscle movements, allow you to bypass your conscious mind and go directly to the unconscious or Higher Self, the source of boundless knowledge.

Fairy pendulum

Many people use pendulums to answer “yes” or “no” questions. Begin by holding the pendulum by its chain or cord in your non-dominant hand...

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The Eight Witch's Runes

Michelle Gruben divination folk magic runes wicca

The Eight Witch's Runes

The Witch’s Runes are a set of magic symbols used as an oracle. (They’re unrelated to the Norse runes and other archaic alphabets.) While the exact age of this symbol set is unknown, it draws upon familiar images that will be instantly recognizable to the unconscious mind. Over time, Witch’s Runes have gained a reputation as an easy-to-learn, no-frills method for divining the past, present, and future.

Author Dana Corby published an article in the Crystal Well magazine in the 1970s outlining a traditional divination method using 13 runic symbols. (It has since been...

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Interested in Pagan practice but don’t know where to start? Try these safe and easy first steps.

Michelle Gruben beginner pagan

Many people are intrigued by Pagan spiritual paths, but don’t know how to begin learning and practicing. There’s an overwhelming amount information out there! It can all seem so arcane and complex. Also, many newcomers are concerned that dabbling in magic and witchcraft will bring about negative consequences, like harming their mundane life or putting them in touch with unwanted forces.

While I’d never argue that magic (or anything else worthwhile) is completely safe, there are ways to get your toes wet without great risk. This article discusses basic magical practices that anyone...

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Articles at Grove and Grotto

Michelle Gruben

Welcome to our articles section!  Here, Grove and Grotto's staff will contribute posts about Faery magick and Pagan practice. We'll be giving in-depth tips for using our products, showcasing creators, and answering our most common customer questions.

Some material may previously have appeared on product pages or in previous publications.

You can browse all the existing posts here.

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