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A Faery Song (CD Album)

A Faery Song (CD Album)

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"Come away, o human child..."

Close your eyes, hear the eerie, exquisite music and allow yourself to be swept away to the land of Faerie. This adventurous album delivers the stories of the Fair Folk in a lyrical mélange of guitar, woodwinds and sweet-voiced alto melodies.

Melanie Gruben is classically trained in voice, with instrumental backgrounds in both Irish and American folk music. She released her first full-length album as a teenager, beginning a seven-year career performing at Renaissance festivals. Currently, Melanie performs a live rendition of A Faery Song at concert venues. These shows feature guitar, voice, and "bard's notes" on the stories of Faerie, and of those delightful yet strange times when the two worlds meet.

1. August
2. A Faery Song
3. Puck and the Hour of the Wolf
4. The Leprechaun
5. Take Me to Fae
6. The Dryad's Justice
7. Poor Life Choices
8. Nonesuch
9. The Hosting of the Sidhe
10. The Summer Queen
11. A Puritan Quandary
12. The Market
13. Folk Wisdom
14. Lilly and I
15. If We Shadows Have Offended

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