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Auroshikha Resin Incense Sticks - Siam Benzoin

Auroshikha Resin Incense Sticks - Siam Benzoin

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A premium resin incense based on precious Benzoin of Siam. A sweet, vanilla-like aroma with woody balsamic undertones.

Auroshikha Natural Resin sticks measure approximately 12.5 inches long, and the resin-coated portion is about 7.5 inches. Package of 10.

Resin Incense Sticks

Auroshikha Natural Resin Incense is made from the finest raw ingredients—resins and fragrant wood powders with no artificial perfumes or colors. Handcrafted in Pondicherry, India since 1973. Auroshikha resin sticks are available in seven varieties, plus a sampler pack that includes all fragrances.

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