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Bewitching Seduction Powder by Charme et Sortilege

Bewitching Seduction Powder by Charme et Sortilege

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A high quality, ritually prepared Bewitching Seduction from famed occult shop Charme et Sortilege. Package includes 1/2 oz powder. Label printed in English and French. Handmade in Montreal, Canada. For ritual use only--do not ingest.

Bewitching Seduction Powder properties include:
Attracting A Lover
Increasing Charm and Charisma
Amplifying Sexual Desire

Suggestions for use:
Sprinkle on dressed (oiled) candles prior to burning.
Add to charm bags and amulets.
Apply on the wrists or pulse points to purify the body.
Sprinkle in the four corners of your altar or space to attune it for spellworking.
Mix with clean water to create a powerful wash for ritual tools and talismans.


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