Bone Athame

  • $ 16.00

A very popular ritual knife made of a single piece of Buffalo bone. The bone has been shaped, smoothed and polished into the shape of a blade.

The knife does not have a sharp cutting edge. If you wish, you may sharpen and polish it with a grinding tool, just like metal. It may also be embellished with scrimshaw techniques. Please allow for natural variations in color and texture.

Material: Non-endangered Buffalo bone
Dimensions: 9 in x 7/8 in (widest point)

By buying this knife, you certify that you are above the age of 18 and are legally allowed to purchase it where you live. You are responsible for following all local laws related to the possession and display of knives. We accept no liability for misuse of this item.

About the Athame and Boline
An athame is a ritual knife used in Wiccan and other Pagan or magickal traditions. It may be used symbolically in a ritual, or to direct energy, or both. For most, an athame is a purely magickal tool—it is never used for mundane tasks, for violence, or for cutting physical objects at all.

Nevertheless, there are some aspects of magic that require a physical knife: Cutting herbs, preparing food offerings, trimming cords and paper, and so on. Many practitioners keep a separate knife (called a boline or kerfan) for these ritual tasks.

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