Celtic Knot Ceramic Bottle

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Made from bone-colored natural clay, this miniature bottle is decorated with a four-cornered Celtic knot design. The russet-brown glaze captures its exquisite detail and fine craftsmanship. The raised design appears on both sides of the bottle.

These spell oil bottles are created in high-fired clay and capped with a wood cork. Use it to hold your essential oils, perfumes, and special elixirs. Fairy dust, ashes, a secret note, too—the possibilities are endless! Display on a dresser, shelf, or altar--or add a cord or chain to create your own pendant necklace.
These bottles are artisan-made will vary slightly in color. Bottle may not stand on its own.

Materials: Unglazed fired ceramic, wood cork

Bottle dimensions: Approx. 1.75 inches x 1.5 inches

Bottle capacity: Approx. 2 dram (1/8 oz)

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