Copper Triquetra Offering Bowl 3"

  • $ 12.00

Add a touch of luxury to your altar with this stunning ritual bowl! It’s made of genuine antiqued copper and bordered with detailed embossed brass. The Triquetra emblem is repeated three times around its circumference.

Use as a censer, chalice, cauldron, or offering bowl. If burning incense, charcoal or smudges inside the bowl, place some sand (not included) in the bottom of the bowl to absorb heat.

Material: Genuine copper, brass accents

Dimensions: 3 in (diameter) x 1.5 in (height)

Triquetra Symbolism
The Triquetra is a three-pointed knot used by both Pagans and Celtic Christians. This ancient mystical symbol may represent the Triple Goddess, the Holy Trinity, or the eternal cycle of life.

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