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Damascus Fancy Athame 15"

Damascus Fancy Athame 15"

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The finest blade we've ever stocked, sure to be an impressive addition to your rituals or costumes. The blade, guard, and pommel are made of genuine 256-layer Damascus steel, folded in a classic "layers and ladders" pattern. The rosewood handle is accented with brass studs, grooves, and fancy metal bands.

You will receive the item shown in the pictures. Comes with a buff-colored leather sheath with a belt loop.

The swirled patterns in Damascus steel come from the way the molten metal is "folded" or mixed during the forging process. They are unique as fingerprints--no two blades will look exactly alike!

Material: Rosewood, genuine Damascus steel, brass studs

Overall dimensions: Approx. 15 in (length)

Sorry, this item cannot be shipped outside the United States and Canada.

About the Athame
An athame is a ritual knife used in Wiccan and other Pagan or magickal traditions. It may be used symbolically in a ritual, or to direct energy, or both.

The athame represents the active energy of Fire (or Air, depending on the exact tradition). It acts as a conduit for the will of the user, and much like a wand, can focus and direct energy toward a specific task. You can use your athame to draw a boundary (as in circle casting), cut energetic cords, or charge objects with energy.

On a Wiccan altar, the athame stands for the masculine principle of the Divine, and the chalice represents the feminine. When brought together, they represent the God and Goddess in their union.

Traditionally, an athame is a purely magickal tool—it is never used for mundane tasks, for violence, or for cutting physical objects at all.

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