Dove's Blood Ink

  • $ 8.00

Give your magickal formulas extra potency with this traditional deep red ink by Espiritu. Dove’s Blood ink is traditionally used for spells involving love, desire, blessings, reconciliation, friendship and loyalty. It’s also used to seal pacts and promises.

Bird lovers, relax—there is no blood in this product. Label design and lid color may vary.
About Dove’s Blood

Though they refer to the ancient practice of writing spells and pacts in blood, Dragon’s Blood, Dove’s Blood, and Bat’s Blood ink are actually high-quality red pigments that contain no blood.  They are used in Hoodoo and Witchcraft to inscribe magickal seals and talismans. 

“Blood”-type inks are based on Dragon’s Blood (also known as Cinnabar) a natural resin that has been used for centuries as a pigment, varnish, and incense.  These inks are imbued with the essences of various herbs and plants appropriate to the different types of workings.

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