Dryad Design Faerie Pentacle Plaque

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A Satyr, Faerie, Dragon, and Mermaid represent the four elements in this imaginative artwork. The terracotta colored plaque is cast from resin after an original wood carving by renowned Pagan artist Paul Borda.

Dimensions: Approx. 5 3/4 in (height), 5 5/16 in (width), 3/4 in (depth)
Material: Cast resin

Stock number: 333-SFPW

From the Artist
This pentacle design sprang from an event that occurred during a consecration ritual. Each invoked element took form slowly, swirling, swimming, and spinning around the altar paten. Each group of elementals greeted the newest with tenderness, appreciation, mischief, and joy. Like loving brothers and sisters, they danced the dance of creation and became distinct in these forms. The sprite represents Air, the dragon Fire, the mermaid Water, and the satyr Earth. Needless to say the magic was quite successful. I was enthralled and honored to witness this beautiful event, which happens perhaps all the time.

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