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Frankincense Premium Masala Incense Sticks by HEM

Frankincense Premium Masala Incense Sticks by HEM

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A premium Frankincense incense from HEM's Masala Natural Incense collection. Frankincense has been renowned for centuries for its spiritually uplifting and cleansing properties. 15 gram box, packed by weight (includes 8+ sticks).

About HEM Masala Natural Incense Collection

Hem Masala incense is a unique blend of natural ingredients such as rare herbs, flowers, leaf extracts, aromatic plants, resins, essential oils and spices. The masala tradition originates in ancient India. The process begins with grinding plant ingredients into a powder. Oils are then mixed into the plant ingredients, resulting in a dough that is rolled onto a bamboo stick. The final step is a light coating of aromatic wood powder.

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