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Frankincense Resin (1/2 oz) by Kairos

Frankincense Resin (1/2 oz) by Kairos

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A precious commodity for thousands of years, Frankincense “tears” come from the hardened sap of certain rare trees. A whiff of Frankincense elevates the mind and awakens the senses to the spiritual. It’s good for a wide range of magickal uses, including meditation, astral projection, protective magick and Angelic workings.

One 1/2 oz bag of pure Frankincense resin. Burn in a heat-safe container with good quality charcoal.

About Kairos

Kairos means "the supreme moment," a time of opportunity, a crossroads, an instant when anything can happen. They import the finest natural incense resins from all over the world, to transform your altar space into a moment of sacred possibility.

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