Green Rice (1 oz) - Ritual Rice for Attraction

Green Rice (1 oz) - Ritual Rice for Attraction

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Widely used in Hoodoo and rootwork, colored rice brings the energy of the Earth and positive growth to magical spells. Green rice is a powerful addition to your spells for prosperity. Attract wealth, find good-paying work, grow your business, and more! 

1 oz packet of ritually prepared dyed green rice (not for food use). Handmade in Peru by Peruvian Charms.

Use Money Rice to:

Feed your mojo bags and charm bags for wealth.
Offer to deities, house spirits, and nature spirits.
Keep it in a bowl on your altar to attract good fortune.
Sprinkle around your place of business.
Mix with herbs or glitter and place at the base of your money-drawing candles.
Carry in your wallet or billfold to ensure your money returns quickly.

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