Manipura (Solar Plexus) Chakra Incense Sticks by Prabhuji's - Package of 10

  • $ 4.00

Made in India according to ancient mystical traditions, this balanced botanical blend features Sandalwood and Lavender. It is designed to be burned with the intention to open and stimulate the Manipura (Solar Plexus) Chakra, the third energetic center, located just above the navel. A strong Manipura Chakra increases one's self-confidence and power.

Package of 10 handmade incense sticks. Box is made from 100% recycled paper.

Directions: Light the tip of the incense until it ignites. Blow it out and place the smoking incense stick into an incense holder.

About Prabhuji's Incense

Prabhuji's Gifts is a NY-based manufacturer and wholesaler of aromatic and spiritual gifts. The company was inspired by the message of Prabhuji, which states that aromas can facilitate inner purification, peace of mind, and spiritual elevation. Our mission is to spread the power of fragrances, from different cultures and ethnicities, for the welfare of all, while upholding strick environmental and socially conscious standards. Prabhuji's Gifts is fully dedicated to the service of the Divine and humanity, and donates all its proceeds to charitable and spiritual causes.

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