Moonstone Runes (Boxed Set)

  • $ 28.00

Learn the mysteries of the runes with this high-quality rune set from Lo Scarabeo!  The runic alphabet is engraved on ethereal synthetic Moonstone (Opalite) tiles.
Includes 25 rune stones (the 24 Elder Futhark runes plus a blank tile), velvet bag, and multi-lingual instructional booklet, "Runes: The Gods' Magic Alphabet." Please expect slight variations in stone shape, color, and size.
About Moonstone (Opalite)
Opalite (also known as opalized glass, synthetic Moonstone, or synthetic Opal) is an iridescent material composed of the mineral Dolomite colored with metals. Its rainbow cascade of colors resonates with the Crown Chakra. Opalite is said to have the power to stimulate visions and attract the attention of higher beings.

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