Pagan Magick Silver and Gold Resin Incense (3/4 oz)

  • $ 3.00

A unique incense made from fine granules of Frankincense resin, colored silver and gold. Burn it in your rituals to draw in blessings and abundance.

Silver is associated with the Moon, wisdom, psychic receptivity, dreaming, love, rest and healing. Gold corresponds with the Sun, power, wealth, confidence, willpower, generosity and optimism.

This incense requires charcoal to burn. It comes in a 3/4 oz bag.

Intended for true incense lovers, resin incenses offer you the purest traditional fragrances without fillers or binders. To use, burn over charcoal in a censer, stone dish, or brazier. (New to resins? Check out our detailed instructions for burning resin incense.)

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