Pagan Symbol Stones (Set of 6)

  • $ 18.00

Engraved on polished Black Agate, these sacred symbols are ready to be used creatively in your spellwork and divination. The set includes 6 glyphs that are sacred to various Pagan paths. Use the suggested meanings below, or allow your intuition to guide you! Each stone measures about 3/4 inch. Includes a bonus gift pouch.

Ankh (Life and health)

Triskele (Movement, power, motivation)

Triple Moon (Magick, intuition, change and illusion)

Horned Moon (Balance, completeness, union of masculine and feminine)

Pentacle (Stability, protection, Earth element)

Labyrinth (Learning, effort, spiritual progress)

Material: Black Agate, goldtone enamel


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