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Raven Spirit (Patchouli) Incense Sticks

Raven Spirit (Patchouli) Incense Sticks

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It is difficult to overstate the importance of the Raven in Native American legends. Linked with both creator and trickster gods, the Raven is a keeper of magickal secrets and bearer of messages from the cosmos. Some stories credit the Raven with the creation of light, others with the theft of the Sun. In any case, Raven is a complex and transformational being. Celebrate the sacred Raven Spirit with this hand-rolled incense based on deep and dark Patchouli. 

Native Spirits Incense sticks come in 12 inspiring scents, beautifully packaged for gift-giving, meditation, or simply enjoyment. Choose a favorite variety, or explore a new fragrance! Approximately 10-12 sticks per 15g box.

Made by Goloka, one of India's most well-known incense manufacturers and exporters. Native Spirits Incense comes in a plastic-free package. Benefits charity via the Goloka Seva Trust of Bangalore, India.


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