Resin Incense Boxed Set

Resin Incense Boxed Set

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A beautifully packaged resin incense sampler set from the incense experts at Auroshikha. The set contains 6 items:

Frankincense Resin

Gum Benzoin Resin

Gum Damar Resin

Myrrh Resin

A terra cotta burner

A roll of 10 charcoal tablets.

Perfect for gift-giving, or exploring the pleasures of resin incense burning for yourself! Please note that the incense packages in this boxed set are sitting on cardboard risers for presentation. You will receive approximately 3/4 oz (by weight) of each resin.

Box dimensions: Approximately 5x7 inches

(New to resins? Check out our detailed instructions for burning resin incense.)

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