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Reversing (Double Action) Spell Bag

Reversing (Double Action) Spell Bag

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This "double action" mojo bag is made from red and black cotton flannel cloth with a woven cotton cord. Use it to craft your reversing or double action spells.

Black is the color of Saturn and used to absorb and disperse negative energy. Red is the color of Mars, and is related to personal power and strength. Double action spells usually aim to stop a curse or hex directed at a person and return it to the sender.

Material: Cotton, woven thread

Dimensions: Approx. 4 inches (height) x 3 inches (width)

About Mojo Bags
The mojo bag (spell bag, gris gris bag) is a method of spellcraft widely used in Hoodoo, Voudon, Rootwork, and various folk magick traditions. A bag of cloth or leather is filled with objects and ingredients specially chosen to aid the spell. 

Mojo bags are often created to draw luck, power, love, or money to a person, but can also be used for protection. Stones, herbs, oils, colored thread and cloth, written words, bones and feathers, personal objects of significance—all of these items can be components of a spell bag. The mojo bag is often worn on or close to the body until the object of the working is attained.

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