Silver-Plated Mini Pentagram Chalice

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Complete your altar set with this silver-plated chalice, engraved with an interwoven pentagram. Its compact size is ideal for a travel altar, solitary rituals, or Faery offerings. The pentacle design appears on the front and back of cup.
Material: Silver-plated brass
Dimensions: 4 inches (height), 2 inches (rim diameter)

Care: Clean with a soft cloth and silver polish or other product that's safe for silver. Avoid prolonged contact with acidic liquids.

About the Chalice
A chalice is a ritual cup used in Wiccan and other Pagan or magickal traditions.  In may be used symbolically in a ritual, or to hold an actual drink, or both.

The chalice represents the element of Water.  It is associated with blessings, enjoyment, the subconscious, the womb, divination and seership, and all forms of receptive magick.
On a Wiccan altar, the chalice stands for the feminine principle of the Divine, and the athame represents the masculine. When brought together they symbolize the Goddess and God in their union. The chalice may hold blessed water or wine, which may be ritually consumed or poured out as an offering.

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