Spiritual Sealing Wax Kit

Spiritual Sealing Wax Kit

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Create beautiful, traditional seals with this versatile sealing wax kit!  Seal your spells and rituals the old-fashioned way, or add a mystical touch to your greeting cards and handwritten notes. Attractively packaged, it makes a fun gift for the witch or wizard who has everything.

This versatile kit comes with three colors of wax and three interchangeable seals—a total of nine possible seal combinations.  The sealing wax has an embedded wick, so you don't need to use a separate heat source. 

Includes three colored wax sticks (silver, gold, metallic blue), three screw-on seals (sunburst, triple moon, and Celtic knot) and one wood stamping handle

Box dimensions: 6.5 inches x 4.8 inches

Seal diameter: .65 inch

Compatibility info: This seal is the same size as the Wicca, Celtic, and Magic seals by Lo Scarabeo. It is not interchangeable with the handle in those sets, because the handle on the single seals does not detach. It will work your favorite sealing wax or refill wax kit.

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