Suede Drawstring Pouch

  • $ 5.00

A petite drawstring bag made of buff-colored genuine suede. Store dice, crystals, lucky charms, smokes—any type of small item. Soft suede leather closes securely with a double-strung fabric cord.

Material: Suede leather, woven cord

Dimensions: Approx. 3 in (height) x 3 in (width)

About Mojo Bags
The mojo bag (spell bag, gris gris bag) is a method of spellcraft widely used in Hoodoo, Voudon, Rootwork, and various folk magick traditions. A bag of cloth or leather is filled with objects and ingredients specially chosen to aid the spell. 

Mojo bags are often created to draw luck, power, love, or money to a person, but can also be used for protection. Stones, herbs, oils, colored thread and cloth, written words, bones and feathers, personal objects of significance—all of these items can be components of a spell bag. The mojo bag is often worn on or close to the body until the object of the working is attained.

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