Sun Spirit (Ylang Ylang) Incense Sticks

  • $ 3.00

The Sun is sacred to all beings for giving light, warmth, and life to all things. The Sun brings abundance and hope that is renewed each season, and is revered as the Earth Guardian of the daytime. The bright and tropical scent of Ylang Ylang blossoms is the basis of this premium hand-rolled incense.

Native Spirits Incense sticks come in 12 inspiring scents, beautifully packaged for gift-giving, meditation, or simply enjoyment. Choose a favorite variety, or explore a new fragrance! Approximately 10-12 sticks per 15g box.

Made by Goloka, one of India's most well-known incense manufacturers and exporters. Native Spirits Incense comes in a plastic-free package. Benefits charity via the Goloka Seva Trust of Bangalore, India.


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