Sun's Eye Chakra Oils (Set of 7)

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The newest addition to the Sun's Eye collection, Chakra Oils are specially blended to work with each of the seven chakra centers. Dried herbs and gemstone chips enhance the vibrational potency of each formula.

Use for aromatherapy, chakra awakening, balancing, and alignment. Each comes in a 1/2 oz illustrated bottle with an easy-drip dispenser cap.

You will receive all of the following oils:

Root Chakra Oil features Hematite and Clove to promote grounding and tribal instincts.

Sacral Chakra Oil features Carnelian and Cardamom Pods to promote sensuality and creativity.

Solar Plexus Chakra Oil features Citrine and Lemon Peel to promote self-empowerment and individuality.

Heart Chakra Oil features Rose Quartz and Rose Petals to promote love and compassion.

Throat Chakra Oil features Lapis Lazuli and Lavender Buds to promote expression and communication.

Third Eye Chakra Oil features Amethyst and Palo Santo Wood to promote intuition and insight.

Crown Chakra Oil features Clear Quartz and Sandalwood Chips to promote spiritual awareness.

About Sun's Eye

Sun's Eye has been blending magickal oils since 1992. Their highly concentrated blends of essential oils and fragrance oils are consciously formulated for meditation, ritual, and spellwork. They are alcohol-free, petroleum-free, and 100% vegan (no animal products or animal testing).

The ½ oz glass bottle has an easy-drip dispenser insert and twist-on lid. Use a drop or two to dress candles, anoint ritual tools, wear as a perfume, or add to baths and massage oils. Because these oils are highly concentrated, Sun’s Eye recommends dilution before applying directly to the skin.

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