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Sun's Eye Eucalyptus Oil

Sun's Eye Eucalyptus Oil

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Eucalyptus anointing oil from Sun's Eye Oils, made with real essential oil. Eucalyptus oil is used for cleansing and healing magick.

Bottle size: 1/2 fl oz

We’re excited to offer a new selection of oils from our favorite magickal perfumery, Sun’s Eye Oils. Their highly concentrated blends of essential oils and fragrance oils are specially formulated for meditation, ritual, and spellwork. They are alcohol-free, petroleum-free, and 100% vegan (no animal products or animal testing). Sun’s Eye has been blending magickal oils since 1992.

The ½ oz glass bottle has an easy-drip dispenser insert and twist-on lid. Use a drop or two to dress candles, anoint ritual tools, wear as a perfume, or add to baths and massage oils. Because these oils are highly concentrated, Sun’s Eye recommends dilution before applying directly to the skin.

The Roots, Resins, and Herbs collection includes sacred plant aromas from time-honored traditions. Here’s some info on the magickal properties of Eucalyptus.

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