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Tibetan Phurba - Grove and Grotto

Tibetan Phurba

$ 26.00

The Phurba is a Tibetan ritual tool.  It is used to focus and direct energy, much like the Wand or Athame in the Western magical tradition.  It can be used to cleanse and consecrate sacred space.

Each of the Phurba's three faces represents one of the three basic emotions: Joy, disgust, and equanimity (neutrality).  The tool itself symbolizes triumph over the three corresponding poisons of lust, hatred, and ignorance.

To cleanse a space of negative energy with the Phurba, begin by meditating and uttering a prayer of protection.  Visualize negative energies intering the Phurba.  Then, stab it into the ground or a bowl of sand or rice, so that the negativity can be absorbed and transformed by the Earth.

This beautiful item is handmade in Nepal by traditional crafters. Please allow for slight variations in its appearance.

Material: Brass, copper, pewter

Dimensions: Approx. 6 in (length), .75 in (width)

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