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Triple Moon Cast Iron Cauldron

Triple Moon Cast Iron Cauldron

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This beautiful mini cauldron is made of solid cast iron with a stainless steel handle. It's virtually indestructible, ready for a lifetime of ritual use and/or decoration. Each one is individually sand-molded, so there may be slight variations in the surface texture.

The cauldron is both a practical altar tool and an age-old icon of witchcraft.  When you combine your spell ingredients in the belly of a cauldron, it produces a powerful symbol of gestation and fusion. May also be used as incense burner or candle holder--when you're ready to extinguish, simply close the lid!

Material: Cast iron, stainless steel handle

Dimensions: 3 in (diameter) x 3.5 in (height), 4.5 in (height including handle)

Weight: Approx 16.8 oz

Triple Moon Symbolism
This symbol represents the three phases of the moon—waxing, full, and waning.  The moon phases are deeply symbolic of the cycles of life, and also of the Goddess in Her three aspects of Maiden, Mother, and Crone. 

The first (left-hand) crescent stands for the waxing moon, and all its associations of new beginnings, new life, restoration and healing.  The circle stands for the full moon, a time for passion, fertility, and powerful magic.  The last (right-hand) crescent stands for the waning moon, a time to do banishing magic and allow the cycle to come to an end.

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