Velveteen Mojo Bags (Set of 8 Colors)

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A collection of eight small velveteen pouches in assorted colors. Perfect for crystals, runes, mini Tarot decks, mojo or spell bags, and many other magickal applications.

You will receive eight bags (one each of Black, Grey, Purple, Green, Brown, Red, Blue, and Burgundy). They're also available individually here.

Material: Velveteen (unlined), nylon cord

Dimensions: Approximately 3 inches x 4 inches (flat measurement)


Black is used for spells of protection, reversal, and banishing.  Black is a good all-purpose magickal color when none of the other colors seem to fit the working.

Green is most common in the magic of money-drawing and prosperity. Green is the color of growth, so it’s appropriate for anything you want to grow—wealth, friendship, good health, etc.

Love and attraction are the attributes of fiery Red. Most often used to draw a lover, inspire confidence, or re-kindle a passion that has waned.

Blue is a very spiritual color—gentle but powerful. Use it for peace, blessing, healing, understanding and wisdom.

Purple’s magical associations include wishes, ambition, power, prophecy and psychic ability. A purple mojo bag is used to enhance one’s connections to spiritual guides and allies, fulfill a wish, or to break a string of bad luck.

An earthy color, Brown is linked to stability, trust, the Ancestors, and natural magic. A brown mojo bag is traditionally made to obtain a favorable decision in court.

Half-way between the two colors, Burgundy tempers the passion of Red with the practicality of Brown. Use Burgundy for magic related to determination, strength, and personal power.

Grey is the color corresponding to complex issues, wisdom, subtlety, and compromise.  Grey helps bring balance to a situation. A Grey mojo bag may be used to stop negative energy (without harming the sender) or to neutralize gossip and ill will.

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