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White Sage (1 oz)

White Sage (1 oz)

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This package of loose White Sage is perfect for all your magickal applications—smudging, spells and charms, elixirs and baths. It’s wildcrafted and domestically harvested in California.

White Sage has fuzzy pale leaves and a powerful fragrance that intensifies when the leaves are crushed or rubbed. Each one-ounce bag contains a a mix of loose leaves and leaves still attached to their stems.

Sage smoke is believed to have the power carry prayers to the heavens, to remove spirits, and cleanse ritual space. But you don’t have to burn sage to enjoy its appealing fragrance and healing, benevolent energy. Try it in sachets, dream pillows, woven wreaths, or simply placed in a dish on your altar.

Ingredients: White Sage (Salvia apiana)

Weight: Approx. 1 oz (excluding packaging)

Sorry, herbs cannot be shipped outside of the United States and Canada due to Customs restrictions.

About Our Herbs

Herbs have amazing power for magick and healing, as they contain the energy of the Earth.  Grove and Grotto’s herbs are sourced from trusted suppliers to bring you freshness and quality at a great price.  Our small packages are perfect for when you need just a pinch of “this” and a smidgen of “that”!

Some herbs may have harmful side effects--please do due your research and/or consult a doctor before using any new herb product.  Do not use this product if you are allergic (or may be allergic) to any of the ingredients.  Store herbs in a labeled package away from children and pets.  Metaphysical properties of herbs are provided for information purposes only, and no outcome is guaranteed.  Our herbs are not intended for internal consumption.
Discover the many magical uses of herbs:

Burn over charcoal to add to your rituals.

Add to sacred baths and natural beauty products.

Sew into charms, spell bags, dream pillows, and sachets. 

Offer to deities, spirits and Fae.

Create your own elixirs and blends.

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I love the quality of the sage. It was pac...

I love the quality of the sage. It was packaged so well. The pride taken in picking the product and putting it together is seen. Even through the packaging the quality is so amazing. I can't wait to use it as part of new years jars for my family!

5 stars review from Elisabeth

5 stars review from Elisabeth