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Circle-casting basics: All you need to know about magick circles

Michelle Gruben beginner energy magic pagan protection spells wicca

Circle-casting basics

Circle-casting is one of the foundational skills of Wicca and witchcraft. Often, it’s one of the first things that newbies learn to do as part of their training.

But circle-casting is a complex idea, even though the techniques are rather simple. Whether you’re casting a circle for the first time or thousandth time, it never hurts to think about what, exactly, you’re doing and why. In this article, we’ll get “back to basics” on circle-castings, and also consider some of the finer points of building the Witch’s circle.  

What is circle-casting?

Circle-casting refers to the...

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Five (and a half) ways to build psychic rapport and improve your readings

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Psychic rapport between two people

There are many scenarios in which it’s useful to create a temporary psychic bond between individuals. Perhaps you are about to do a reading or healing for a client. Maybe you’re about to work together in a magickal spell or ritual. Or maybe you just want to use your psychic skills to be a better listener, listening to the person’s energy as well as their words.

Here are some easy ways to tune in psychically to another person. (You probably already use one or more of these methods!) Most can be used in...

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Choosing and using black ritual salt

Michelle Gruben beginner energy folk magic magic spells tools

Choosing and using black ritual salt

Today, we’ll look at a versatile and inexpensive addition to your spell kit: Black ritual salt. Black salt is a potent ingredient in defensive workings. Black salt combines the grounding properties of salt with the protective power of the color black. (Technically not a color, yes I know). In this article we’ll cover the basics of using black salt in spellworking. Most black salt spells have the same basic purpose: Creating a barrier of protection and/or “earthing” crummy energy to be disposed of later.

Types of black salt

There are basically two...

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Grounding in under a minute: Energetic quick fixes

Michelle Gruben beginner energy

Grounding in under a minute

If you've done even basic energetic or ritual work, you're probably familiar with the practice of grounding.  Grounding allows excess psychic energy to be released and re-establishes contact with the physical body.  It's especially important after energy transfers, trance work, and group rituals.

While beginners often disdain grounding practices as un-magickal, experienced workers know that it's an essential part of healthy, sustainable psychic work.  Neglecting to ground properly most often results in a mildly unpleasant "spaced-out" feeling.  But it can also lead to loss of appetite, entity attachments, fatigue, and other more serious...

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