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Warding, banishing, shielding, binding, even hexing and cursing—these all fall under the broad title of "protection magick." Protection magick means directing psychic energy toward self-preservation, or against those who would harm you. You can set protective boundaries around yourself, your loved ones, or your home or business.

Protection magick goes back to ancient times, when people crafted amulets to protect them from evil spirits or ill-wishers. Sacred symbols such as the cross or pentagram are often used for protection. Perhaps the most basic protection magick is to visualize a protective circle around yourself, through which no negativity can enter. Ritual tools like a pendant or spell bag can help you maintain the barrier for longer.

The best time to cast a spell of aggressive protection is on a Tuesday at noon (the day of Mars, at the Sun's height). To cut yourself off from someone or something, aim for Saturday at midnight.

Here, you'll find our most popular tools for crafting your rituals of protection. Protective gemstones, purpose-made talismans, herbs of Mars, and folkloric magick tools like keys and nails. May you live without fear, and always stay safe from harm.

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