Pagan and metaphysical stores in Dallas / Fort Worth

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Pagan and metaphysical stores in DFW

Howdy, y’all! Here’s a comprehensive guide on where to shop for magickal supplies in DFW, presented by a local Witch and native Dallasite.

For the past few years, I’ve heard people remark that Dallas doesn’t have any really great metaphysical shops—something on par with, say, Houston’s Magick Cauldron or Austin’s Nature’s Treasures. A friend likes to joke that his favorite Dallas magick shop is The Witchery. (For non-locals: The Witchery is in Galveston—a five-hour drive.)

No, Dallas is not an ideal destination for the metaphysical shopper. There are­­ loads of stores, but they’re reeeaaalllyyy spread out. (Going to every shop on this list, by the shortest route, would require a journey of close to 200 miles!) DFW has a dearth of picturesque old houses and quaint downtowns—the majority of places on this list are in uninspiring strip-mall locations. Rising real estate costs are putting the squeeze on indie businesses. And conservative landlords have historically made it difficult for witchy entrepreneurs to secure a lease in the first place.

But there’s no time for Salem envy—much less Austin envy (gods forbid). To paraphrase Roald Dahl, those who do not believe in magick shops will never find them. So how about a whirlwind tour of the mystical marketplaces of the Metroplex? There are lots of amazing resources right here in the Big D, I promise!

Shops are listed alphabetically. Listings are uncompensated, and any opinions are my own. Hours and addresses are subject to change—please verify that the information is current before you make the trip.

Botanica Esoterica (Addison)

Dallas has a botanica in nearly every Latin neighborhood, but go north of I-635 and they become much sparser. Some also look like Catholic bookstores, which can scare off the adventurous Pagan/Witch.

The bright and spacious Botanica Esoterica has a marvelous selection of jar candles, statues, amulets, traditional oils and powders…and oh look, there’s a pentagram right there on the door. In Addison since 2015, Botanica Esoterica offers card readings and helpful bilingual advice for shoppers.

Enchanted Energy Haven (Waxahachie)

Sweet, welcoming spiritual boutique in Waxahachie. (Which didn’t used to be part of DFW, but is rapidly getting sucked into the urban sprawl, so we’ll include it here. Also, it’s a lovely shop!)

The owners, Aron and Ricky, have curated a safe space for seekers and lightworkers to shop and connect. They make many of their own products and genuinely care about each and every customer. Open Wednesday through Saturday only. Most services by appointment.

Enchanted Forest Metaphysical Shoppe (Fort Worth)

Established in 1991, Enchanted Forest is a trusted Fort Worth destination for witchy supplies. Shop here for incense, candles, essential oils, and hard-to-find herbs. They also have books, Tarot, and a small selection of stones and statuary. Card readings and massage are available by appointment. Enchanted Forest has long been supportive of the local Pagan community and has garnered hordes of loyal customers as a result.

Hearth Wisdom Store (Arlington)

2899 W. Pioneer Parkway, Pantego, TX 76013

Hearth Wisdom Store earns a special shout-out for being one of the only Pagan-identified shops in the metroplex. Wares include altar tools, tapestries, and statuary, as well as a rotating inventory of local craft items. The calendar stays packed with classes (many of them free), Full Moon gatherings, and Sabbats.

The Labyrinth

Billing itself as the city’s “Oldest Witch Shoppe,” this old purple house is something of a legend in the DFW metaphysical community. The Labyrinth feels like a proper witchy emporium, with hardwood floors, shop cats (last I checked, anyway), and surprises tucked into every nook and cranny.

Get all your spellwork essentials including charged candles and incense, as well as a modest assortment of jewelry and decks. The back room holds a vast selection of bulk herbs.

The Labyrinth is pricey and parking in Lower Greenville can be an issue—arrive early in the day to secure a spot in the side lot. A must-visit for out-of-towners (and locals on a lark).

The Metaphysical Way (Garland)

Crystal-focused shop located in historic downtown Garland. They also have cards and candles and some other altar essentials. The interior is plain, stock is old, and every time I’ve visited I’ve been stared at until I leave. Maybe they have trouble with shoplifters? Anyway, I’m glad there’s a store on the east side of town, even if it’s not one that I can enthusiastically recommend.

On the plus side, owners Deb and Larry are experienced paranormal investigators and are often available to answer customer questions about all things unexplained. Readers and practitioners are in the house on some Saturdays and Sundays, by appointment.

Miracles of Joy (Lewisville)

Respected metaphysical shop serving the Lewisville/Flower Mound area and beyond. Besides the usual books, crystals, and supplies, Miracles of Joy has ample classroom space. Proprietor Joy Kauf often brings in exciting speakers/teachers from out of town and leads group excursions to spiritual sites such as Sedona.

Classes and services have always been the focus here. It’s a popular destination for aura photography, readings, and healings. Miracles of Joy hosts a monthly psychic fair with free admission and fixed-price sessions. The shop also typically has readers available for walk-ins during business hours.

Mystic Mandala (Plano)

Plano-based community center that welcomes yogis and seekers. Mystic Mandala also produces the semi-annual Holistic Festival of Life. Their in-house boutique carries a selection of fair-trade and spiritual goodies from the Eastern Hemisphere, including malas, incense, singing bowls, and textiles.

Nature’s Gallery (Carrollton)

Nature’s Gallery is not a metaphysical shop, okay? So if you start talking to crystals in here you will be smirked at. But who cares? If you’re weird and you know it…just be weird.

This downtown Carrollton cubbyhole is full of gemological specimens, fossils and tumbled stones, all knowledgeably presented and reasonably priced. Owner Don specializes in rough materials and travels regularly to source new earth treasures. He also buys collections and estates, so you never know what you will find at the front counter.

Power of the Rainbow (Arlington)

Small, friendly shop in North Arlington offering a vast array of gemstone specimens, spiritual products, and Native American crafts. Owner Tray knows his rocks and is wonderful at communicating with seekers of all paths and experience levels.

Reiki and crystal healing services are available by appointment. Check out the calendar for a rotating schedule of workshops. Power of the Rainbow is in the corner of the shopping center, a few doors down from Moni’s Italian restaurant.

Prana Haven (Richardson)

Small boutique offering clothing, incense, and small-business artisan goods. An adjacent classroom hosts occasional classes and a gallery of local artwork. Prana Haven is tucked a bit off Main Street in downtown Richardson, behind Isabelly’s Chocolates.

The Rock Barrell (Dallas)

The ultimate jewelry-maker’s destination, The Rock Barrell also has treasures for the discriminating gemstone collector. It’s not a metaphysical shop—but area witches love this place for its wide selection, central location, and reasonable prices. If you need a certain stone for an amulet or talisman, they probably have it in multiple shapes and sizes. Aside from the rows of findings, beads, and cabochons, you’ll also find rough specimens of Amethyst and other popular stones.

Silver Pyramid (Richardson)

Perhaps the most celebrated crystal destination in DFW. I’ve been shopping here for more than two decades, back when they had a small stall at the flea market. In addition to a top-notch selection of crystals and ritual goods, they offer classes on angels, divination, energy work, herbology, astrology, and a bunch of other metaphysical topics.

Silver Pyramid’s stones seem to stand a little taller and gleam a little brighter than the other places’. They’re spendy, but top-grade. They also have one of the largest collections of sterling silver and gemstone jewelry. The staff is always happy to let you interact with the merchandise and pick out the perfect gift for yourself or loved one. Before you leave, take a few minutes to “OM” away your cares in their crystal-gridded pyramid.

SoulTopia Holistic Boutique (Carrollton)

Stylish, inviting shop with a full menu of classes and services. The crystal bar and build-your-own jewelry options offer à la carte pick-me-ups for stone lovers. Staff is knowledgeable and prices are fair.

With a second location opened in 2018, does SoulTopia have their sights set on world domination? I don’t know, but it’s a fine introduction to the spiritual marketplace in Dallas. They host lots of classes and special guests, too.

SoulTopia Holistic Boutique (Dallas)

Want a side of urban renewal with your crystals? A spin-off of SoulTopia’s flagship Carrollton location, this trendy nook is wedged into the Bishop Arts District. Offerings include bulk herbs and SoulTopia’s house brand of cleansing sprays. Check out the Instagram-ready mural on the side of the building.

Don’t see your shop listed? Let us know! (Email, please—comments on the blog aren't monitored.) Also, if you're an owner or customer and you have any photos of the shop that you'd like to share, please send them our way. Happy shopping!

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  • Hi! Thanks so much for taking time to compile this list! Just wanted to add a few of my personal experiences as I have frequented a few of these shops (I live in Richardson)
    I agree with you about Mystical Way.. I was so excited to find a shop in Garland, but admit was rather disappointed in their “collection”/selection. It is mostly crystals and I find them to be a bit over market price. And its not the warmest spot to walk into (Wouldn’t recommend to beginners tbh)
    *Miracles of Joy is a great spot and I personally know many of the vendors that work their fairs. Although there’s a selection of a touch of everything, I say the fair is the real spotlight.
    ***MANY OF THE VENDORS (MEDIUMS/CHANNELS/READERS etc work the same fairs, switching between MOJ, Elsyium, Prana Haven)
    *Rock Barrel is fabulous (and no they are by no means a meta shop, but they know their stones) GREAT prices & pieces!!

    Mystic Mandala does an amazing job hosting the Plano Fair each year!
    *Ok full disclosure: I am NOT a fan of Silver Pyramid, though have been a few times, but as an energy worker I have issues EVERYTIME I go.. Selection is as you said array and beautiful. But, most stones are extremely marked up, along with their herbs. But the REAL bummer for me is the staff/owner. They are extremely biased in their thinking and they do know (well most do) their information, BUT as someone who is NOT a beginner i find it rather off putting to hear them pushing their soul opinions on stones/decks/deities etc. ~To each their own practice ~ is not something I feel is respected here.
    *Prana Haven (the other Richardson shop) on the flip side, is smaller (though they have used the time of quarantine to really redo their merch) but you walk in and FEEL the energy clear and refreshing. The owners Alex & her mom Terri have really made this their life and passion project. They also hold monthly fairs and classes (Terri Groom’s Channeling anyone? Yes please) I definitely see this store growing and be on lookout as they grow. But agree its a bit tucked back near Beltline/Main Street. But certainly have enjoyed everyone i have met there!
    ~ I can’t wait to go check out a new botanica thanks to this list!
    Taylor on
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  • Thank you for this list!!! Building the Dallas Metaphysical community one step at a time prayer-hands-emoji

    Tea_and_Magic on

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